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The Fingerwave 2

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The Fingerwave 2
The definitive tattoo art book on fingerwaves returns.

As tattooing usurped ukiyo-e renditions of fingerwaves as its own hyper important language to create a sense of atmosphere, energy, and composition, so tattooers more and more refined and stylized how they worked within the tattoo context. The large number of different schools, styles, family lineage, and creativity within this widely and commonly used element lent itself as a great springboard for our idea to publish our first fingerwave book. A book we, and thankfully many others, saw as a successful compendium of tattooers’ take on the timeless beauty that is the power of the ocean, of the wave.

With what Craig and I felt was great momentum from the first volume of the fingerwave book, we continue with this larger, and possibly more impressive second effort. With nearly 60 more artists than last time, many of whom made their mark in our first book, we were met with great enthusiasm to be included and to showcase their own brand of water and ideas. With so many impressive, mind blowing and wholly inspiring submissions this time we honestly became more and more excited as each page would arrive in the mail, inbox, or by hand. The creativity displayed is once again so real, so true and deep that we cannot help but feel humbled. We hope you are as impressed and floored as we are as each page turns to reveal another unique point of view- the hallmark of what we consider to be the true calling card of the artist.

We wish to send our heartfelt thank yous to all who contributed in making this second book exceed our desires to publish a book that will make the contributors proud and the viewers inspired.