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The Fingerwave Book 1

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The Fingerwave Book 1
The definitive tattoo art book on fingerwaves.

With the thousands and thousands of image sources tattooers are inspired by, few are as widely used and beautiful as fingerwaves; the stylized water interpretations popularized by the genius of the Japanese woodblock print artists. Used as small additions to dissimilar subjects, singular use as the subject unto itself, to the foundation of large work in sleeves, back pieces and even bodysuits, the fingerwave has not only permeated all styles of tattooing but become eponymous with ‘water’ when used as a descriptive in tattooing. The freedom water affords to the movement in creation of tattoo designs is nearly unmatched, and creates brilliant contrasts of positive and negative space in the skin.

These are some of the reasons Craig and I were excited to move forward with a book devoted singularly to fingerwaves. Knowing the fascination/love of them throughout the world of tattooing we knew the project would inspire new ways in which we looked at water thru this unique ocular. We felt the expressions possible within would be a great invitation to let some of the constraints of water in the tattoo context dissolve, leaving the imagination as the last barrier to true artistic freedom.

Fortunately, we were met with an exceedingly great batch of submissions from tattoo artists throughout the world, confirming our commitment to the idea behind fingerwaves. We hope the viewer is as pleased and inspired as we are with these great pieces of art so graciously created for this book; created by so many generous and talented people who were amazingly kind enough to submit their art for this compendium of fingerwaves.