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Pound f flesh---Gallery Series Large Wooden Plank

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Pound f flesh---Gallery Series Large Wooden Plank

Turns out our synthetic flesh cleans up real nice when given a rugged wood frame. In fact, this APOF Large Wooden Plank is gallery-ready. Potential clients can admire your tattoos, enhanced by hand-carved wood and hung up on the walls of your studio or displayed at your next convention. When it comes to tattooing this plank, we understand that rugged wood can get in the way of your bolt of lightning inspirations — so we’ve made the flesh inset removable from the frame, allowing you to tattoo away on a flatter, wood-free surface. With the APOF Gallery Series, we’ve made flesh as fresh as it can be.

Overall: ~14" (L) x 10" (W) (size varies by 1–3")
Tattooable Surface: ~11" (L) x 8" (W) (size varies by 1–3")

Key Features:

  • Part of our unique, rustic gallery series
  • Conveniently remove synthetic center for easier tattooing
  • Thick and durable for sturdy handling and balance
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Functions as a framed canvas for showcasing and display

Stencil Application Tips:
Step 1: Apply isopropyl alcohol to a sheet of paper towel. Then wipe the tattoo site with your paper towel to clean it.
Step 2: Soak another sheet of paper towel with isopropyl alcohol. Then run a Speed Stick deodorant directly on the alcohol-soaked paper towel.
Hygiene Tip: Never apply the Speed Stick deodorant directly to the tattooable surface.
Step 3: Rub the Speed Stick deodorant and alcohol mixture directly onto the tattoo site.
Step 4: Apply your stencil evenly. Put pressure on it for about 5–10 seconds.
Step 5: Peel away your stencil carefully.
Step 6: Blowdry your freshly applied stencil for 5–10 minutes. Then let it dry fully overnight.