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  • Anchored stencil solution

    Anchored stencil solution


    After years of research and testing, developed by famed tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado, this stencil solution will ensure that your stencil holds for hours. Anchored Stencil solution will produce clear, crisp lines so your stencil is a more accurate...




    CBD based cleansing foam soap featuring: High absorbency for maximum effectiveness Smaller bubbles for ultimate control and visible cleansing Specifically formulated to: Sanitize and decrease bacteria on the skin (before, during, and after...

  • TATSoul Portable Workstation

    TATSoul Portable Workstation


    Product Description The TATSoul Portable Workstation 3-in-1 is a multipurpose shop away from home. This easy to use stainless steel, rolling suitcase is a great way to keep your supplies organized at the studio and on the road. Easy to open latches,...

  • TATSoul Stainless Wheeled Mayo Tray

    TATSoul Stainless Wheeled Mayo Tray


    Product Description TATSoul offer a complete stainless steel mayo rolling tray. This is built to last - backed by a structural lifetime warranty. Specifications: Adjustable Height Range: 20.5" - 31.5" Stainless Steel Tray Dimension: 14" x 20" x 1"...

  • VitaliTree - Tattoo Salve

    VitaliTree - Tattoo Salve


    Vitalitree - Tattoo Salve Holistic & Renewable Tepezcohuite Aftercare. All-natural and handcrafted with love and plant power! VitaliTree Tattoo Salve’s amazing abilities to reduce redness and swelling during the tattoo process and...

  • witch hazel 16oz


    Find natural relief for pesky itchy and inflamed skin with Witch Hazel Liquid from T.N. Dickinson's. This gentle astringent is safe for use on your face and body. It's designed to cleanse, soothe and treat oily, irritated and damaged skin to give you...




    This new Tattoo Arm Rest is fully adjustable 360 degrees - It`s more than just an arm rest, it`s a work platform! The padded armrest is comfortable, portable, convenient and SUPER STABLE. Check out the tripod legs! The tripod legs height adjustment range...

  • Convention Set


    The TATSoul Convention Set provides all the necessities of an artist studio in one compact bundle. Featuring an armrest, power supply, foot switch, universal adapter, RCA cord, and an RCA clip cord adapter - this set allows for traveling artists to bring...

  • Leg Apron - Nylon


    The Cordura® Nylon Leg Apron is designed by artist Jim Sylvia and produced by TATSoul to offer unrivaled splatter protection during tattoo sessions. The Leg Apron is crafted from high quality cordura nylon with all solid nickel rivets. The sheer...

  • Leg Apron - Waxed Canvas


    Designed by Jim Sylvia, the Leg Apron is crafted from durable, high-quality waxed canvas. Covering you from upper thigh to past the knee, The Leg Apron protects you and your clothing during the tattoo process by repelling ink and blood. True to the...

  • Reno Arm and Leg Rest

    Reno Arm and Leg Rest


    TATSoul and Brittmark Designs is proud to introduce the most versatile stand-alone arm and leg rest in the world. The patented 360 degree rotational locking mechanism allows the rest to be positioned in virtually unlimited angles.

  • TATSoul Drifter Duffle Pack

    TATSoul Drifter Duffle Pack


    TATSoul is proud to introduce the Drifter Duffle Pack. Specially designed for traveling artists, this duffle pack is compact and convenient. Its unique design equips the artist with professional style and cutting edge innovation. The modern design...