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Leg Apron - Waxed Canvas

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Leg Apron - Waxed Canvas

Designed by Jim Sylvia, the Leg Apron is crafted from durable, high-quality waxed canvas. Covering you from upper thigh to past the knee, The Leg Apron protects you and your clothing during the tattoo process by repelling ink and blood. True to the innovation you've come expect from TATSoul, The Leg Apron balances good looks with exceptional functionality. Accented with solid brass rivets and leather straps, it will last through frequent use. And with two sides, it equally suits left and right handers. The cut of The Leg Apron allows for easy front-pocket access, while adjustable thigh straps are included for a secure fit. The belt clips even double as workstation hangers when the product is not in use. DO NOT MACHINE WASH.